hydro cyclones

Hydro cyclone units

are applied in order to separate coarse and fine solid particles from liquids . These type of separators are particularly capable of separating sand, starch, and other finely distributed materials. With hydro cyclones it is possible to separate fine particles on-line during the process.

Hydro cyclone units are used to separate, classify, and to thicken suspensions. Also, these units are used to purify ores and minerals. Also, in fibre technique and paper industry they are applied in purification processes to separate dirt. Hydro cyclones are frequently run in parallel mode.

The lay out and design of hydro cyclones are performed empirically similar to the duct cyclones. In the lower flow region of a hydro cyclone an air swirl forms during the separation process, which is not substantially influencing the cyclone flow. Because of the large dimension of the cyclone, wall friction has much more influence on the flow. This results in a delay of the wall eddy, and the flow in axial direction will be strongly pushed down in direction of the lower conical cyclone part.

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