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engineering company for multiphase flows

The Suvis GmbH is your competent and reliable engineering partner in the areas of multiphase flows, development, lay out, and optimization of particle separators, fluid measurement techniques, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Moreover, we support you in analyzing, designing, and optimizing spraying systems (atomizers) using modern experimental tools as well as flow simulation techniques (computational fluid dynamics CFD). Our company has sufficient computer capacities at its disposal to solve even demanding fluid mechanical problems.


Our well-equipped technical department has the suitable infrastructure at its disposal to offer you solutions for complex and individual flow problems. We offer competent consultancy for process optimizations particularly in the area of multiphase flows and the respective simulation and measurement techniques.


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separators & cyclones

As a modern engineering enterprise focussing on separators technologies we offer optimized solutions and individual advice regarding separator development and applications.

Measurement technique

We apply our experimental techniques for flow velocity, pressure, temperature, particle size and turbulence intensity measurements individually to analyze and solve your problems.

3D CFD- Simulation

The application of fast computers combined with efficient software allows us to even simulate complex flow scenarios.

flat pressure probes

Our flat pressure probes are tailored for static pressure measurements at solid surfaces and locations, where the measurement situation does not allow a pressure borehole and are thus very flexible in their application.


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Why Suvis

Progress through knowledge

  • Our publications in the field of multiphase flow form the basis for future-proof solutions.

Years of practical experience

  • We have been developing processes to optimize fluidic problems for over 20 years.

Well networked with strong partners

Trust is our top priority

  • If you are impressed by our services, we will treat your inquiries confidentially and provide non-binding advice. We look forward to your challenge.
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