Spray analysis

Spray analysis

For the generation

and production of a spray the knowledge of information like the desired droplet size and its distribution is of fundamental importance. In order to characterise a spray correctly, one has to know the droplet size distribution of the droplets, which were generated out of a given liquid.

In many applications it is desired to produce very small droplets. For the design and lay out of inhalers for example, it is necessary to achieve droplet sizes not larger than approximately 10 μm to be absorbed by the lungs. When one designs an atomisation nozzle in view of the desired droplet size distribution, one has to make sure via measurements, that the nozzle is really able the produce the expected droplet size distribution within an acceptable uncertainty range.

Besides the droplet size distribution, the droplet velocity is an important parameter since it is a measure of the droplet momentum. With these properties one can optimise processes like droplet splashing, coating, and spray painting, to mention only a few examples. For the measurement of the droplet sizes and velocities, the product of which represents the droplet momentum, we have a Phase-Doppler-Anemometer (PDA) at our disposal.

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