CFD Simulation

A further area of activity

of Suvis is the development and application of modern numerical methods for the calculation (prediction) of flows using CFD in industry, science etc. Our employees are especially trained in view of technical applications of numerical flow simulations. Within the recent years we conducted several projects in the area of multi-phase flows. We dealt with applications in the optimisation of processes in chemical engineering, the transport of particles, gas cleaning and particle separation from gases and liquids, and the calculation and optimisation of cyclone separators.

We apply powerful commercial software tools like grid generators in order to generate numerical grids using CAD-data in a short time for even complex applications. Also, for flow calculations and the evaluation of 3-D flow fields we apply powerful software solutions. Furthermore, for certain individual problems we apply codes we have developed our selves.

Possible Applications of these computational methods are the particle separation by cyclones and other separators. The prediction of the separation efficiency allows an optimal design and lay out of the individual separator or novel high power cyclones.

We are very well equipped with computer power even for complex two-phase flow problems. Please contact us for further information or consulting regarding flow simulation for single and multi-phase flows and separation processes.

Please contact us for a not binding offer. We would like to know more about your challenge!